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Date ‪23/06/19 – 29/06/19

The Actual Ride

This is a bike ride through two of the world’s most iconic cities and their amazing scenic countryside, raising awareness and funds for Sarz Sanctuary. 

Riders will challenge themselves to complete the ride over seven days.  This is definitely not a race; where people of all riding ability can be involved.

The Virtual Ride

Anyone can participate as a virtual rider anywhere in the world. 

Join the Meet You In Paris 2019 bike ride as a virtual rider.  Ride at home, in the gym or your local streets with friends and family.  Clock up the distance over a few days, a couple of weeks or throughout the month of June.  You decide the pace and you decide the place.  The challenge is to ride a minimum of 350 km / 220 miles during the month of June.

Physical exercise is a powerful remedy for positive mental health, anxiety, stress and grief.  Meet You In Paris bike riders build Healthy bodies and Resilient hearts. 

Get involved and join today.

Julie Wallace

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Virtual Leaderboard


Event Information and FAQ’s

Event Details

What are the Event Details?

A seven day bike ride from, Borough Markets, London Bridge; London to Brighton, UK, crossing the English Channel by ferry to Dieppe, then finishing at the Eiffel Tower in Paris



23/06/19 – 29/06/19



Day 1   Sunday                                                                         Average distance

London Bridge, Borough Markets to East Grinstead                30 mi    /           48 km

Day 2  Monday

East Grinstead to Brighton                                                         31 mi    /           50 km

Day 3  Tuesday

Brighton to Newhaven Ferry Port                                               10 mi    /           16 km

Ferry to Dieppe approx. 5hrs - sailing      (77 mi   /           124 km)

Day 4   Wednesday

Dieppe to Forge–les–Eaux                                                         35        /           55 km

Day 5   Thursday

Forge–les–Eaux to Gisors                                                         31        /           50 km

Day 6   Friday

Gisor to Bezon, via Cergy                                                          40 mi    /           65 km

Day 7   Saturday

Bezon to Eiffel Tower, Paris                                                       10 mi    /           15 km

How can I get involved?

Register online at complete all details and pay the $50 registration fee

Will there be bike pathways or road riding?

The majority of the event will be riding on roads shared with motor vehicles where the local traffic rules apply.  Teams of 10 riders will be formed to alleviate large groups of cyclist to avoid motorist congestion.  We will be leaving London Sunday morning to avoid the busy London traffic.  Similarly, we will arrive into Paris Saturday late morning, again avoiding heavy traffic.

In the UK and France, which side of the road do I ride on?

The UK is the left hand side, while France is the opposite, they travel on the right hand side.

How do I know where to ride?

Teams will be formed of approximately 10 riders, with a team leader who knows the route.  The route will be available to download on the mobile phone app, Strava.  International guests, be sure to have mobile data access if you want to use the app.  Enjoy the scenic countryside, and follow the leader. 

How far will we ride each day?

Please see the route, listed above


How much do I need to fundraise?

Riders must fundraise a minimum of $2,000 (per rider), support crew can help riders achieve their fundraising target.  The more money each rider can raise ultimately helps more beneficiaries of Sarz Sanctuary

Does Sarz Sanctuary help with my fundraising?

Yes, Sarz Sanctuary working with Everydayhero help support you with its event dedicated on-line fundraising page. 

Do my sponsors get a tax-deductible receipt?

Yes, when your sponsor donates through your EveryDayHero page a receipt will be generated and emailed directly to their nominated email address.

Can my sponsor donate directly to Sarz Sanctuary?

Yes, your sponsor can donate directly to:-

Sarz Sanctuary

BSB                084 123
Acc                  81-669-9395
Swift Code        NATAAU3304B

Please have them use your name as the reference and we can manually update your EveryDayHero fundraising tally

A receipt will be generated and emailed directly to their nominated email address from Sarz Sanctuary

What are some ways to fundraise?

Sponsorship; ask your workplace, work colleges, local business to sponsor your tremendous efforts.

On-line fundraising; share your EveryDayHero page with everyone you know via email and social media.   Family and friends from around the world can help support you on-line.  When you register you will automatically receive a link and login details to your team fundraising page that you can customized.  Each team page will have its own link which you can forward to your email and SMS contacts and share on Facebook and other social media.  Every time an online donation is made, your donor will get an automatic tax receipt.

Events and activities: Fundraising activities are broad in their definition and can include running a BBQ at the local hardware store, running a charity golf day or organizing a fundraising lunch or dinner.  All fundraising events and activities need to be registered with Sarz Sanctuary by completing the form found here. An official authority to fundraise letter will be issued annually once you have registered your details.  You can use the Sarz Sanctuary supporters’ logo with our approval.   

Donations can’t be used for anything relating to your entry to the event such as provisions levy, accommodation or personal travel costs. These are personal expenses to be covered by the participants in each team.  All fundraising events and activities must adhere to Sarz Sanctuary Fundraising Terms and Condition.

Every dollar you raise will make a massive difference to somebody’s life that is suffering traumatic grief. 

Where does the money go?

The money you raise will go to Sarz Sanctuary, a not-for-profit foundation helping people who have suffered traumatic grief from sudden death. 

Are donations refundable or transferable?

All donations are non-refundable and non-transferable

Will my sponsor get a receipt for their donation?

Sarz Santuary will supply tax-deductible receipts to your sponsors for the purpose of Meet You In Paris – 2019.  Tax-deductible receipts will be issued by Sarz Sanctuary for any donation over $2.  Receipts will only be issued for cash donations, not in kind for product donations. 

Sarz Sanctuary cannot offer your sponsors any promotional or recognition benefits, but we strongly urge you to thank, promote and appreciate the individuals and businesses that have supported you.

Provisions Levy

What do I get for my provisions levy?

A per person provisions levy will include meals, entertainment, final gala dinner, ferry (channel crossing), t-shirt and cap.  The provisions levy is applicable to all riders and support crew.  The provisions levy excludes accommodation. 

How much is my provisions levy?


How do I pay for my provisions levy?

An invoice will be emailed to you after registration.  The invoice is due for payment by the 15/05/19

Is my provisions levy tax deductible?

Your provision will be receipted as a paid invoice, not as a tax-deductible donation


Do I book my own accommodation?

Sarz Sanctuary will make group accommodation ‘holds’ for participants to book and pay for their accommodation at the same venue and at a group-discounted rate (where possible).  Accommodation costs are not covered by the provisions levy

A variety of room configurations will be offered.

What do I need to supply?


Bike and helmet, spare tyre tube ( x 3), spare tyre ( x1), air pump, tyre levers (carried with you on your bike)

Suggested items to bring; your choice of bike shoes verses trainers, padded shorts or pants, enthusiasm, water bottle holder fitted to your bike, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves (optional),


A willingness to help your team and very loud cheering.  Transport will be an iconic London Double Decker Bus

How do I manage my luggage from town to town?

Please pack light.  The support bus will have limited space for your luggage. Mark your luggage so that it is easily identifiable.  Luggage will be packed into the bus storage each morning and available to be collected at each of the evening destinations.  Bring a day bag or back pack for small personal items.  These can be accessible throughout the day via the support crew. 

NB:- Bike travel bag or box will be packed into the bus prior to departure on day one, then unpacked at the end of the event on the last day. 

Can I hire a bike in London?

This is something that you could investigate; though consider the suitability of the bike to the event and you as an individual and the length of rental period and cost. 

How can I transport my bike to London from my country?

Most airlines have luggage facilities for sporting goods, which can be booked at the same time as booking your flight.

Here is an example of Qantas requirements.


Sporting equipment can be included as part of your checked baggage allowance, subject to the sporting equipment requirements and codeshare exceptions. Each item checked in is one piece. Charges will apply for any baggage carried in addition to your checked baggage allowance. You can add sporting equipment to your booking at manage booking.

You may purchase an additional baggage allowance in advance to save on airport excess baggage rates. The carriage of baggage over and above the free baggage allowance is subject to space being available.


To be accepted on Qantas operated services, bicycles must be suitably packed in a bike box. Bike boxes can be purchased from most Australian Qantas terminals. You can travel with your own bike box, however it must not exceed the dimensions below and must be properly and securely packed.

Qantas bike pack dimensions:

•                length: 140cm (55in)

•                width: 30cm (12in)

•                height: 80cm (32in).

Before bicycles can be accepted they must be packed with:

•                tyres deflated

•                pedals removed

•                handle bars fixed parallel to the frame

the front wheel removed and fixed beside the rear wheel, inside the bike box, if the bicycles length exceeds 140cm (55in).

I’m not very mechanically minded, is there mechanical support?

Yes.  Following the riders as support crew will be bike mechanical support

Also on Saturday 22nd, 3 – 6pm, (prior to departure on Sunday) riders are asked to enter their bikes for scrutineering at Borough Markets, where you will also receive your gift pack.For oversees travellers, our bike mechanic will be available to assist with final preparation after you have unpacked your bike from your travel bag/box.Your bike can be securely stored overnight at these facilities ready for the following mornings departure.

What do I do if I get a puncture?

If a rider gets a puncture the team will stop and assist with the repair.  The team leader will have the experience to deal with most mechanical issues and punctures.  It is a good skill to have, so be involved in the repair of your own bike.  Be sure to carry on your bike a replacement inner tube, puncture repair kit and tyre levers. 

What if I have a major mechanical issue with my bike?

If you experience a major mechanical problem the nominated bike mechanic will do their best to rectify the situation, and as quickly as possible.

What happens if it rains?

Safety will be the number one consideration, though riders may choose to continue to ride in light rain or showers.  Rain is unexpected during this time of year. 

(To be cautious, pack a light rain jacket)


What is the Virtual Ride?

Any one can participate as a virtual rider any where in the world. 

Join the Meet You In Paris 2019 bike ride as a virtual rider.  Ride at home, in the gym or your local streets with friends and family.  Clock up the kilometres over a few days, a couple of weeks or throughout the whole month of June.  You decide the pace and you decide the place.  The challenge is to ride a minimum of 350klms during the month of June.

What are the dates?

The Meet You In Paris 2019 ride is from 23/06 – 29/06/19. Virtual Riders will clock their achievements during the month of June.  So ride anytime during the month to achieve your goal. 

How far should I ride?

The goal is to 350km, the same distance as the participant event, though please get involved at your level and push yourself to improve your fitness. 

Is there a registration fee?

Yes.  The registration fee is $50.  Once registered you will receive your t-shirt in the mail to your nominated address. 

Can I get my gym involved?

Yes, encourage your local gym through the spin class our even just a group of gym friends to ride for Meet You In Paris as virtual riders.    

As a virtual rider, how much do I need to fundraise?

There is no set amount, though the more you are able to raise; the more Sarz Sanctuary can help people suffering traumatic grief.

What if I don’t have a bike?

Run, jog or walk the distance.  Physical exercise is great for the soul.

I can’t ride a bike, how can I get involved?

It may be that you never learnt to ride a bike, haven’t ridden a bike in 20 years, physically you are unable to ride, your fitness isn’t just there yet; whatever the reason we encourage you to join us in the best way that physically challenges YOU.

Create a distance that suits your ability and walk or roll (for our wheel chair supporters) and get involved. 

How do I sign up?

Hit the register button on 

Complete the registration details and create your very own EveryDayHero fundraising profile to share with friends and family.

How do I share my achievement with my friends and sponsors?

Sync your personal page to FitBit, MapMyFitness or Strava to track your distance automatically. 

What is EveryDayHero and how do I use it?

Everydayhero is an online fundraising platform which you can use to set your goals, track your distance, share your progress and collect your donations. Your fundraising page will be set up automatically when you register. You can update your personal page at any time, add pictures or videos and share these with your friends, family and social networks.  Every dollar raised will help show the world we are committed to helping others suffering traumatic grief. 

How do I get help with my EveryDayHero fundraising page?

If you need help using your fundraising page, making a donation, or anything else Everydayhero related, their dedicated support team can help you out- just send an email to

What is MapMyFitness and how do I use it?

MapMyFitness is a training app which tracks and records your distance. Everydayhero is partnered with MapMyFitness, which means you can link your fundraising page to MapMyFitness and your page will then be updated every time you complete a ride. That way your supporters can see how you’re progressing toward your goal. Fundraisers who use this feature raise an average 46% more!

What is Strava and how do I use it?

Strava is a training app which tracks and records your distance. Everydayhero is partnered with Strava, which means you can link your fundraising page to Strava and your page will then be updated every time you complete a ride. That way your supporters can see how you’re progressing toward your goal. Fundraisers who use this feature raise an average 46% more!

What happens if I forget to use my fitness app to track my achievement?

Any of the kilometres you complete using your fitness app we will know about (if it is linked to your fundraising page). You just need to let us know about the rest of them by manually updating your fundraising page. Just remember– don’t manually log any kilometres that you’ve used a fitness app to track– we will already have those logged.

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